Weed and Vegetation Management and Control

We have over 30 years experience in the control and management of a diverse range of vegetation and declared pest weeds within the rural, commercial and domestic sectors of Queensland. It is our goal to provide customers with a control method and advice to prevent further outbreaks and spreading.

We pride ourselves on the professional manner in which our services are conducted by our personnel. All employees have undergone training to obtain a certificate 2 in Conservation and Land Management for Weed Hygiene Wash down and Inspections, and obtained a Chemical Certificate and Commercial Operators Licence through the Queensland Government. We are always sourcing the latest and most relevant equipment and procedures, and ensuring our staff are educated and qualified for the position.

We provide a number of treatment and control methods for vegetation management. Once each situation is assessed we can provide the most cost effective and lasting solution. Some of the methods we use are:

  • Spraying with approved herbicides via personnel carrying pressure packs, travelling on RTV’s or 4WD motorcycles and Quickspray units on utilities and trucks. The method we utilise depends on the individual situation/accessibility of the pest plants.
  • Clearing of pest vegetation with earthmoving equipment
  • Environmental control
  • Specified Declared pest plant control
  • Fire/Weed breaks to assist in the limited growth between properties and paddocks.
Each declared pest plant requires a particular course of action in order to be effective, and we specialise in the identification and control of the following declared pest plants’ and many others.
  • Rubber Vine
  • Parthenium
  • Belly Ache Bush
  • Giant Ratstail Grass
  • Parkinsonia
  • Prickly Acacia
  • Sword Pear
  • Mother of Million
  • Harrisia Cactus
  • Hymenachne
  • Willows cactus
  • Lantana